Photography Competition

Our Photography Competition is held every year in October.

As well as providing an opportunity for local photographers to display their work and win prizes, the competition promotes awareness of the Brisbane catchment groups and encourages community participation..

The competition has been held held every year in October since 1998.

It generally has over $1400 up for grabs in cash prizes, thanks to the generosity of our local sponsors.

Entry is open to all members of the public, the young and the not-so-young, with an open category, a Young Persons category and a special competition for schools in the catchment.

Each year our Photography Competition aims to:

  • raise awareness of local environmental issues especially with children
  • encourage people to enjoy the variety of flora and fauna in our beautiful catchment
  • promote awareness of the Brisbane catchment groups
  • encourage membership and participation.

So keep an eye on this website for details, then get clicking and get involved!


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