Rehabilitation of private land

Private landholders own 69% of the land within the Moggill Creek Catchment. MCCG provides advice on request as to how best to manage the land through our Landcare Adviser, Bryan Hacker. Bryan is an accredited member of the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators and has more that 20 years experience in regenerating bushland in our Catchment. Expert advice is available to members at no cost; Bryan may be contacted at [email protected] or 3374 1468 and can be available to visit your property either weekdays or weekends.

The MCCG Nursery also supplies native plants at no cost to member landholders and each year 12,000 to 15,000 plants in c. 200 species are given to local landholders. It is difficult to quantify the beneficial effect on private land through MCCG activities but it is very likely to be at least as great as that on public land.

During 2010, a new model for landholder restoration work emerged within a group of land owners along Pacey Road. With the encouragement and support of MCCG’s Adrian Webb and the BCC Creek Rangers, more than twelve active residents are now running regular monthly working bees to rehabilitate each other’s land. MCCG supplies plants, equipment and advice, and has also obtained funding to support the project.

MCCG had been concerned for many years about the lack of support for private landholders given that their land represents such a large proportion of the catchment.  The Brisbane City Council Wildlife Conservation Partnerships programs (which include Land for Wildlife) have increased appreciation of conservation issues in Brisbane.  From 2012, Community Conservation Initiatives Assistance (CCIA) and Community Conservation Assistance (CCA) grants have been introduced and have provided much needed support to recipients, particularly with regard to weed control.  The grants provide the opportunity for MCCG and Council officers to work together to get the best outcomes.

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