If a picture is worth a thousand words here is the equivalent of 10,000! 

I’m not knowledgeable about the names of identification of the different species of Antechinus so these photos may be of the Yellow-footed, Brown or the newly discovered Buff-footed Antechinus. Hopefully one of our readers may be able to identify which one from tjhese photos.

The first four are of an Antechinus that was holed up during the day in a crevice between two tree trunks near the top of our hill. I was photographing a White-throated Treecreeper when the bird got a huge fright and out came this little fellow.



The next five photos are of an Antechinus that was helping itself to mealworms I was putting out to encourage the Painted Button-quail to come into camera range. They were taken over several days and it gradually it became less timid. It was in a much wetter area in a gully at the back of our property in Adavale Street.

The following photo of the cat taken with an infra-red triggered camera is just one of several I have taken at night. The cat was playing with the animal before it killed it. It is not clear if it was an Antechinus, a Melomys or a mouse, but there is no doubt that Antechinus and other small native animals are being slaughtered by domestic cats that are allowed to hunt our native wildlife at night.

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