Red-necked pademelons are here - Ed Frazer

Which wallaby?  Some time ago we published a Bush Bites article called "Which Wallaby?"

In that article, Ed Frazer shared photos of wallabies he has photographed around his property over the years.

Ed has shots of Swamp wallabies and Red-necked wallabies, but in the article he stated his belief that Pretty-faced wallabies and Red-necked pademelons also live in the catchment.

During evenings at home, Ed often hears a very distinctive single thump. This is the sound a pademelon makes when it is disturbed: it sends a warning to predators by thumping its hind feet. 

Whilst Ed was certain that the little marsupial lives nearby, he had never been able to get a photo of the animal. They are particularly cautious, easily frightened and notoriously difficult to spot.

So he set up his Infra-red triggered camera and was fortunate enough to pick up the following shot:

Living proof!

You can see Ed's original Bush Bites article here.

To learn more about the Red-necked pademelon, visit the Queensland Museum website or take a look at the Rootourism fact sheet

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