How do MCCG activities benefit the catchment?

The MCCG has the advantage of being able to provide practical solutions to local environmental problems. It does this with the support of the many experienced and dedicated volunteers that make up the organization. Specifically we:

  • Assist landholders in revegetating private land; emphasizing the development and maintenance of habitat corridors between mountain ridges and streams.
  • Manage environmental weeds on private and public land
  • Provide native seedling plants from our Nursery to landholders
  • Rehabilitate riparian zones
  • Conduct catchment wide studies to monitor the state of the catchment
  • Provide information and advice on revegetation, management of native flora and weed management
  • Communicate with and educate landholders through our web site, newsletters, field days, working bees, seminars and reports
  • Assist interested groups of local landholders to address environmental issues
  • Assemble and develop information that can be used as guidelines to assist landholders
  • Enlist and educate new volunteers
  • Respond to development proposals and participate in discussions regarding development in the catchment
  • Coordinate our activities with those of Brisbane City Council in particular and the Queensland Government and other Statutory organizations charged with legal responsibility for managing lands in the catchment
  • Partner with other catchment groups, The Rural Environment Protection Association and other environmental groups
  • Provide reports to our members and levels of government.