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What Bird is that??

A TRULY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT for bird lovers who live within the Moggill Creek Catchment !!! We are pleased to release an illustrated Online..Read more

Take the pledge!

Keep Australia Beautiful Week runs from Monday 21 August until Sunday 27 August. Why not Take the Pledge (https://kabnational.typeform.c..Read more

Friars in our midst

They look just like friars with their featherless faces and regal white gorgets! But they are certainly more chatty than our somewhat more sombre ..Read more

Native Wildlife Carers Grants

Here is an opportunity to acknowledge the tireless work of our wildlife carers. Few people are aware of the many people tending to injured and or..Read more

Changes to Nursery Plant Orders

If you'd like to collect plants from our Nursery from mid-August until mid-October, please contact Jan Grigg on 3374 1737 (rather than our usual c..Read more

PLATYPUS SURVEY Sunday 10 Sept - Register NOW!

TRY SOMETHING NEW! NOW is the PERFECT time to become a PLATY-WATCHER! How about joining a specialised group who volunteer for our annual M..Read more

Wild Brisbane - Fauna Workshops at CWCN

Martin Fingland from Geckoes Wildlife is running an exciting series of four workshops featuring Brisbane Wildlife. The dates are as follows: ..Read more

You like?

Are you interested in seeing what activities other environmentally-minded people in Brisbane have been up to? Perhaps engaging with them a little?..Read more

Inaugural THECA Art Show

Calling all artists with an interest in nature studies! Here is a way of showcasing your own talents (and possibly making a bit of ..Read more

Opportunities to assist the MCCG

The MCCG is always looking for volunteers to help with the many tasks we undertake to make a real difference to our local environment. Here are some ..Read more

Community Conservation Assistance 2017-18

Brisbane City Council has announced the opening of its 2017-18 Community Conservation Assistance program (CCA). This assistance is available to help ..Read more

What comes up ....

... must come down! Or so the saying goes! The Varied Sitella has a remarkable foraging method. It hops HEAD-FIRST down tree branches and trunks to fi..Read more

Help Urgently Needed!

HELP US KEEP ALIVE A TRULY ICONIC LOCAL EVENT! And you won't even need gardening gloves! Our PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION team REALLY needs some h..Read more

Kids Day at the Cottage 2017

WHAT A DAY! There were many happy faces, with little and large hands and fingers alike busily engaged in colouring, make and do and art and cr..Read more

Tracks and Traces ...

The lucky attendees at our public meeting on June 15 were thoroughly entertained by Martin Fingland’s talk on Tracks and Traces of Wildlife. Ma..Read more

Training - SEQ Water Quality Monitoring Database

Healthy Land and Water is launching a new database which will house all existing and future water quality and environmental monitoring data collec..Read more

The hidden biodiversity in our catchment

Hidden away in the waterways and grasses of our Moggill Creek Catchment are some fascinating birds belonging to the little-known group of Crakes a..Read more

A weed beating beetle!

Over the last 5 to 10 years, a small, brown beetle known as the ‘Celtis Leaf Beetle’ (Menippus cynicus) has started causing noticeable..Read more

No Cottage Talk this month

Our June Cottage Talk, scheduled for Thursday 15th June, has been cancelled. This is due to our mid-year public meeting being held on the same..Read more

Nature Journaling with Paula Peeters

Learn how to visually record progress on your bushcare site over years or just observe your favourite nature spot! Two exciting workshops ar..Read more

Perplexing Plovers!

We've all seen plovers sitting on nests situated plum in the middle of wide expanses of parklands, lawns or roadside verges! ... or flying ..Read more