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McKay Brook working bee changes

This is a heads up from Bryan: OUR NEXT WORKING BEE WILL BE HELD ON SUNDAY 26 MAY FROM 8.30am - 11.00am! This Sunday we will do some wee..Read more

Another amazing birding site in our catchment!

In a new Bush Bites article, our very own local bird expert Jim Butler introduces us to another fabulous birding location in our catchment. Th..Read more


Due to the Brookfield Show, the McKay Brook working bee scheduled for Sunday 19 May has been cancelled. The next working bee will be held on S..Read more

Now is the perfect time ....

... to spot a Rose Robin! These beautiful little birds are currently migrating up from the southern states to escape the cold weather. Jim..Read more

Know your wildlife?

Test your skills each month with Jim Butler's Wildlife Identification Quiz! You'll find Know Your Wildlife towards the back of every month's ..Read more

Fig Tree Pocket birdwalk - 25 May

Our colleagues at the Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network (CWCN) are running a series of bird walks. Everyone is welcome! The first will be hel..Read more

CWCN Workshop: Small native mammals

The Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network (CWCN) is holding a workshop on Saturday 18 May featuring "Small Native Mammals". Small mammals, genera..Read more

MCCG stall catches everyone's attention

Our recent stall at the Kenmore Village drew much attention from shoppers. The whole display was aimed at people who care about our local envi..Read more

Anzac Tree Daisy - time to spray or slash!

These days we often describe things as "EVENTS." Rain events, storm events, flood events - it's the language of our times. Well, here's..Read more

It's Showtime!!!!

YES! That wonderful weekend of the year has rolled around again! IT'S BROOKFIELD SHOW TIME!!!! The show runs from Friday 17th till Sunday..Read more

If you're mechanically minded, WE NEED YOU!

We are seeking a special volunteer! We need a Quartermaster/Equipment Supervisor. The person we're looking for will have some mechanical..Read more

Habitat Brisbane Orientation Day

Members, keep Sunday the 26th of May free! It's the date of Habitat Brisbane's Orientation Day. This year it is being held at the Brighton Wetland..Read more

Photo call - Brisbane's Wild West Calendar

We are putting the call out for photographic submissions for Brisbane’s Wild West Calendar 2020!!!! These calendars are produced each ye..Read more

Spring in Autumn

The recent rains have created an unusual situation around the catchment which may be escaping our attention. It seems many of our local native..Read more

How the Easter Bilby was born

The Easter Bilby campaign was created in 1991 to draw the nation's attention to conservation efforts to save the Greater Bilby. You may wish a..Read more

Purple Swamphens in ancient Greece!

For most of us the Purple Swamphen is a familiar sight. They are abundant in parklands and by our waterways, foraging in reeds for soft shoots, fr..Read more

Members - sharpen your social media skills!

Brisbane City Council is offering free training to catchment group members. Its focus is social media and marketing in the digital space. The ..Read more

Do birds have personalities?

What do you think? If you've ever reflected on the natural cheekiness of a rainbow lorikeet or the inquisitive nature of a noisy minor, the d..Read more

Join the Cooloola BioBlitz!!!

The Fraser Island Defenders Organisation and Cooloola Coastcare is running a 3-day BioBlitz from 3.30 Friday 17 May through to 3.30 Sunday. Th..Read more

CWCN School Holiday fun!

Our partners at the Cubberla Witton Catchment Network have never fail to deliver on fun holiday activities and this Easter is no exception! Ch..Read more

Watch our Gardening Australia segment!

ABC TV has generously allowed us to share the recent Gardening Australia segment in which our own Adrian Webb does a stellar job communicating the..Read more

Mt Coot-tha zipline appeal

Western suburbs residents may be interested to learn of an appeal lodged recently against the Brisbane City Council approval to build ziplines, wa..Read more

Off-road cycling locations in Brisbane

Brisbane City Council is creating a city-wide plan which aims to provide off-road cycling facilities for children, adults, and families within bus..Read more

Check out our Gardening Australia segment!

The MCCG featured in a recent episode of the ABC's "Gardening Australia". Head to our Facebook page ( t..Read more

Best newsletter yet!

Our Autumn 2019 newsletter is arguably our best one yet! DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR: put the kids to bed early, grab a drink of your choice and sett..Read more

Alert: outbreak of fungal disease in Eastern Water dragons

Our colleagues at the Pullen Pullen Catchments Group have reported a scientific alert regarding an outbreak of a severe skin disease caused by a p..Read more

Unremarkable in appearance ...

but SO beautifully adapted to "soak up the pooled liquid nectar stored in flowers!" Welcome to the world of the Brown Honeyeater! This lit..Read more

MCCG features on Gardening Australia!

Grab some pizza and switch on the TV this Friday night! (8 March) And be sure to tune into the ABC's Gardening Australia at 7.30pm! You'll..Read more

My love of birds

Have you found your passion? Our latest Bush Bites article is a delight! Written by Jim Butler, our own avian expert, it describes how his en..Read more

MEMBERS: time to plant!

The MCCG nursery started from humble beginnings in 1999 under our first co-ordinator Michael Reif. It is now a substantial operation, giving away ..Read more

Fauna flourishing in the Western Suburbs

Our close neighbour, the Cubberla-Witton Catchment Network (CWCN), recently commissioned a report into fauna in Pullenvale Forest Park. The re..Read more

Our urban forests - a talk at Kenmore Library

Join Dr Chris Galbraith from Three Mile Scrub to learn about the history of this group and celebrate their remarkable restoration work which date..Read more

Going batty!

Australasian Bat Night is back! Now in its 6th year, Australasian Bat Night 2019 celebrates the positive aspects of bats and educates people ..Read more

Forecast temp: 32 degrees

It has been 32 degrees in Brisbane for over 30 days in a row! HOW ARE YOU DEALING WITH THE HEAT? WHAT CHANGES ARE HAPPENING AROUND YOU? ..Read more

A case of mistaken identity

We recently ran a news item about our Huntington bushcare group. In the space of a single Sunday morning the team planted around 380 native tr..Read more

Share your knowledge ...

Volunteering with us is not always about bushcare! Running a catchment group such as ours requires a multitude of activities and skills. If yo..Read more

Volunteers do us proud (again!)

Another remarkable MCCG achievement !!! Last Sunday 18 volunteers from Jim Pope's Section 3 Tuckett St Park bushcare group successfully plante..Read more

What's in a name?

Is it "Julgira" ... or "Blue Jay" ... or "Shufflewing"? maybe it's a "Summerbird" ... .... or is it something else? Click here (http:/..Read more

Mt Coot-tha zipline DA approved

Brisbane City Council announced that the development application for the controversial Mt Coot-tha Zipline was approved 1 February 2019. More ..Read more

Restoring weedy areas and retaining wildlife

Embarking upon a restoration doesn't necessarily mean destroying habitats for local wildlife. With some simple planning you can carry out your..Read more

MCCG - Outstanding Achievement Runner Up!

The MCCG was recently awarded runner up for the Pullenvale Ward Outstanding Achievement award in the Queensland Community Achievement Awards. ..Read more

Time to review the Bio Act

Biosecurity Queensland is inviting your feedback into a review of the Biosecurity Act 2014. This legislation governs how we manage biosecurit..Read more

Declawing Cats Claw

We're pleased to report welcome news regarding the statewide crusade against Cats Claw Creeper. In partnership with Seqwater, Healthy Land and..Read more

When is a Honeyeater more than a Honeyeater?

When it eats insects, caterpillars and spiders as well! Read Jim Butler's January edition of Feather Fascination to learn just which Honeyeate..Read more

Could fish sounds be an indicator of river health?

We're all familiar with the concept of bird song ... But it appears that fish can be equally vocal, using a variety of sounds like grunting, s..Read more

Hey, who are you looking for?

We couldn't let the New Year arrive without paying tribute to the winner of the Young Person's category in our 2018 Photo Competition. Alexand..Read more

A wish for you

As 2018 draws to a close, we sincerely extend our thanks to our members and other community folk who have helped the MCCG in so many ways througho..Read more

Hot off the press!

Let us entertain you over the Christmas break! Our Summer 2018 Newsletter is a treasure. For starters, it features a wonderful collection of s..Read more

Bushcare summer holiday

Many of our wonderful bushcare volunteers will enjoy a well deserved break over Christmas! For details about our working bee dates during the..Read more

Birds on summer holiday

You may not recognise the appearance of the Eastern Koel in this short video of Tim Sigg's, but if you watch it through to the end, there's a good..Read more

CWCN Christmas activities

Each Christmas our Cubberla-Witton Catchment Catchment Network colleagues never fail to deliver a wonderful program of children's educational act..Read more

Birds upon Bovines - symbiosis perfected!

The Cattle Egret's story is so interesting! We have all seen these white birds sitting atop of livestock. And yet, during their breeding seaso..Read more

Another notable AGM

Our 2018 AGM was held on Monday 26 November at the Brookfield Hall. Our new committee was elected in and we were all captivated by Dr Ian Gynt..Read more

Mt Coot-tha Zipline - what do you think?

Brisbane City Council is inviting community feedback on two major planning components of the proposed Mt Coot-tha Zipline: the draft Mt Coot-t..Read more

A link worth sharing!

Birdlife Australia recently announced the winners of its "2018 Australian Bird Photographer of the Year." And the results are stunning! If yo..Read more

The Rescue Project - What's your story?

"Have you ever rescued a riverbank? A tract of bush, native tree or a garden, a waterway, an eroded beach or some farmland? A native animal or bird? ..Read more

Join the Wild Macadamia Hunt!

Could you have a WILD MACADAMIA TREE in your backyard? There are potentially thousands of wild macadamia trees hidden away on private properties ..Read more

South East Queensland - let's catch up!

Healthy Land and Water invites you to a number of community forums following the release of its 2018 Report Card. This is an annual assessment of ..Read more

Our cameo performance with Gardening Australia!

We were recently visited by a team from the ABC’s ‘Gardening Australia’ programme. They filmed a segment on the damage to t..Read more

Shaping the future of Tuckett St Park

Our heartfelt thanks to Council for their recent removal of several large Chinese Elms from Tuckett St. Park. They have facilitated a revitalising..Read more

Brisbane's Wild West Calendar 2019

DON'T MISS OUT! The Brisbane Wild West Calendar for 2019 is now available! These calendars are produced each year jointly by: THECA..Read more

And the winners are .....

CONGRATULATIONS AND THANK YOU TO ALL ENTRANTS IN THE MCCG PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION 2018! The standard of all photos this year was exceptional! ..Read more

A peek at a platypus

During the MCCG Platypus Survey back in September Beck Bain had her own remarkable encounter with a platypus. It took place in Moggill Creek,..Read more

20 years of triumph in South East Queensland!

MCCG member Richard Tumman provided the MCCG with some free advertising in an ABC Radio interview recently. Thank you Richard!! The purpose o..Read more

Want to see some wonderful photos?

Be sure to take a look at our online Field Guide to Mammals in the Catchment ( more

Platypus ripples

On a damp and misty Sunday morning on 9th September, 47 intrepid (and chilly) volunteers arrived at their assigned sites before dawn on a mission ..Read more

A Visit by Council

On Sunday 21st October, Councillor Kate Richards (Pullenvale Ward) and Councillor Vicki Howard (Chairman of the Field Services Committee of Brisba..Read more

Bryan Hacker has returned

... and brought some rain with him! So, if you would like some native plants from the Nursery please contact Bryan at 3374 1468 or jbhack..Read more

Colour in the Catchment

We have a new photo to share with you! It's of a rare and colourful visitor to our catchment: the Red-rumped Parrot (Psephotus haematonotus). ..Read more

The Willie Wagtail's tail wag

Jim Butler's October issue of Feather Fascination will enlighten you with many interesting facts about the Willie Wagtail. Many of us are fam..Read more

Read all about it !!!!

Our Spring 2018 newsletter has arrived, fresh off the press!!! This issue is very diverse! Read about our Platypus 2018 Survey and the La..Read more

Remember your membership

Just a friendly reminder to all members that your annual 2018-19 membership fees are due for renewal in November. The fee is $20 per per..Read more

We have an exciting opportunity

We have an exciting opportunity for one of our members to join the MCCG Committee. Unfortunately, Sanja Oldridge has to relinquish the role o..Read more

Tuckett St Park vandalism - do you have any info?

Some of you may have noticed the creation of trail bike tracks in Tuckett/Huntington parks by kids. Initially they simply dug obstacles in the gra..Read more

Position Vacant

Do you use internet banking? If so, we have a great opportunity for a you to become MCCG Treasurer! As the following indicates, we will so..Read more

Mating behaviours of the White-browed Scrubwren

The tiny White-browed Scrubwren is only 12cm long. Yet the male bird exhibits some remarkable behaviour when it comes to reproduction. The Wh..Read more