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Training - SEQ Water Quality Monitoring Database

Healthy Land and Water is launching a new database which will house all existing and future water quality and environmental monitoring data collec..Read more

Brisbane Biodiversity Seminar at Kenmore

Explore the fascinating world of Brisbane's carmivorous marsupials at Brisbane City Council's Biodiversity Seminar. It will be held at Kenmore Lib..Read more

Brisbane Intrepid Landcare's 'Picnic in the Forest'

Do you know someone aged between 16 and 35 who is interested in fun land care activities and networking with other young people? Then you'd b..Read more

The hidden biodiversity in our catchment

Hidden away in the waterways and grasses of our Moggill Creek Catchment are some fascinating birds belonging to the little-known group of Crakes a..Read more

A weed beating beetle!

Over the last 5 to 10 years, a small, brown beetle known as the ‘Celtis Leaf Beetle’ (Menippus cynicus) has started causing noticeable..Read more

No Cottage Talk this month

Our June Cottage Talk, scheduled for Thursday 15th June, has been cancelled. This is due to our mid-year public meeting being held on the same..Read more

Nature Journaling with Paula Peeters

Learn how to visually record progress on your bushcare site over years or just observe your favourite nature spot! Two exciting workshops ar..Read more

Perplexing Plovers!

We've all seen plovers sitting on nests situated plum in the middle of wide expanses of parklands, lawns or roadside verges! ... or flying ..Read more

Putting Back the Forest

We quite often receive enquiries from folk looking for the book “Putting Back the Forest: A Landcare Guide for Brookfield, Pullenvale and M..Read more

WEED ALERT - May 2017

Is it possible that YOU have seen Badhara Bush? This invasive weed, native to Asia,has recently been located on a private property in Bellbowr..Read more

Did you know ...

30% of the 660 Land for Wildlife properties in South East Queensland are in the Moggill Creek Catchment! And 40% of all eligible properties in Mog..Read more

Nature Writing Competition

Nature writing is an opportunity to imbue emotion and creatively record our experience of nature and landscape. Brisbane City Council's Creek Catc..Read more

How many bird species have been spotted in Deerhurst Park?

Conservation efforts are reaping great rewards in a small Brookfield park between Gap Creek Road and Brookfield Road. The tireless efforts of ..Read more

Calling all photographers: Wild West Calendar 2018!

Get snapping! Each year the MCCG supports THECA (The Hut Environmental and Community Association) with the production of Brisbane's Wild West Cale..Read more


A new exotic weed has been assessed as a rapidly spreading threat to our ecosystems. Montanoa hibiscifolia known as Anzac Tree Daisy is a nati..Read more