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Nightlife in the Catchment

Brisbane folk tend to equate nightlife with The Valley but we have our own active scene happening every night right here in the Catchment! Wh..Read more

National Waterbug Blitz: date claimer

Be part of Australia's first nationwide citizen science waterway monitoring event! If you value our waterways and eco-systems, here is a genu..Read more

Harlequin Bugs: facts and photos

It is quite likely that you have come across some wonderfully colourful insects known as Mallotus Harlequin bugs in your property or backyard. ..Read more

Wildlife SOS !!!

Here's a wonderful opportunity to chat with carers from groups involved in the rescue and/or rehabilitation of injured and orphaned native animals..Read more

The naming of a new bird species

In January 2018 the International Ornithological Union identified a new species of Fairy-wren in Australia. The Purple-backed Fairy Wren (Mal..Read more

Know your birds?

How well do you know our local bird life? Test your Ornithology prowess with a new bird identification quiz published each month in The Local..Read more

Info about the Mt Cooth-tha zipline

Western suburbs residents may be interested in following the progress of the Mt Coot-tha zipline project. The Brisbane City Council website co..Read more

Red-necked Pademelons in the catchment

For many years there have been unsubstantiated rumours that a Red-necked Pademelon had been seen in the vicinity of Gold Creek Road. But no-o..Read more

Golden Orb Weavers

STOP FOR A MOMENT TO THINK ! Can you see the beauty in a spider? If you read our latest Bush Bites article you may find yourself captured by ..Read more

How do water birds dive?

In this month's issue of Feather Fascination, Jim Butler explains physiological features of the Australasian Darter which enable it to perform so ..Read more

MEMBERS, please keep tomorrow morning free!

Did you know ... that fungi can no longer be considered as native plants? Our summer newsletter reported that, following last year's annual ph..Read more

Under the Mistletoe

We often think of mistletoe as a scourge! Mistletoe is a hemi-parasitic woody plant which attaches to other plants with its haustoria, special..Read more

MEMBERS: time to plant!

We have recently had some good rain and the days are becoming a little cooler, so now could be a good time to plant! Please phone Bryan Hack..Read more

Book now for Aquatic Macro-Invertebrate Survey Training

In 2015/16, Brisbane City Council's Creek Catchment Program (CCP) introduced the Waterway Health Assessment Training (WHAT) program to provide cat..Read more

*NEW* Online Butterfly Identification List !

We are very excited about the release of our latest online field guide: Butterflies Found within the Catchment. The list contains some beautif..Read more

Where did the Bullies go?

How many of us remember what a "Bullie" is? Back in the day, flocks of Bullies used to soar overhead but this is a sight seldom seen these..Read more

A Tricky Feathertail Glider Release

In our Summer Newsletter, Chris Read kindly shared his story about the soft release of a Feathertail Glider family from his property. The sto..Read more

Found in Tuckett Street Park: A tiny turtle!

This baby turtle was found emerging from a nest in the woodchips surrounding the childrens play area in Tuckett St. Park. It seems that the ..Read more

Membership fees are due

Just a friendly reminder to all members that your annual 2018 membership fee is now due. The fee is $20 per person. Please download ..Read more

Challenge of the Cane Toad

Cane toads (Rhinella marina) pose a very serious threat to our native wildlife, particularly those which feed on frogs. This includes goannas, sna..Read more

Riddles to get you thinking: 1. What is FID?

2. When is a heron not a heron? ... to find the answers to both these riddles, click here ( more

Saturday arvo at McKay Brook

Would you like to see what's been happening recently at McKay Brook? Thanks to recent intermittent rainfall, our plantings from 11th November ..Read more

Boobooks in backyards!

If you're intrigued by owls and birds of the night, then you must check our latest Bush Bites article! Vicki and Paul Campbell share details o..Read more

Help us build a Butterfly List!

Breaking news! We have an exciting new project in the pipeline! We are building an Online Guide to the Butterflies found right here within o..Read more

A Never Ending Story

Our Catchment abounds with resilient people and amazing stories! .... not to mention postcard-perfect scenery and diverse plant-life and wildlife..Read more