Become a member

How do I Join?

Annual membership costs just $20 per person. To join, download the application form (pdf) and return it to the address on the form. Further information can also be obtained from the MCCG committee or the Section Leaders. For contact details click here.

The Benefits for You

  • learn about local catchment ecology
  • as a landowner, receive free expert advice and assistance
  • as a landowner, receive free local plants for approved revegetation projects
  • engage with your neighbours
  • receive informative quarterly newsletters
  • join a Bushcare group working to improve your local area.

Your Membership is Important

  • your membership helps MCCG obtain government funding
  • fees cover some communications costs
  • maintain your own property as an integral part of the catchment
  • as a member you can help in many ways.

Membership renewal

Existing members who would like to renew their membership for next year, please download a version of the application form that suits you and follow the instructions on the form:

Membership Renewal form (Word version)

Membership Renewal form (PDF version)