Photo Competition winners


Here's some fun facts about this year's competition:

  • Did you know that this competition has been an annual event for the MCCG since 1998, making this year it’s 21st year!
  • We received a total of 56 entries (less than previous years)
  • 10 entrants submitted 43 quality photos for our open categories 
  • This year we decided to run the Young Persons (grades 1 to 6) category as a digital category in the hope of receiving more entries.  We were delighted to have 8 kids submit 13 entries between them
  • This year's judge: Anne Pappalardo, president of Queensland Camera Group.

  • Head to our MCCG Facebook page and our newly established MCCG Instagram page to view entries in the Young Persons Digital category
  • Click here to see some of the winning entries listed below!

Here are the winners!

People's choice

  • 1ST PRIZE:  Ed Frazer: Fruit-dove Colour Study 
  • 2ND PRIZEEd Frazer: Back Attack
  • 3RD PRIZE: Ed Frazer: Me Next
  • * Sponsored by The Pet Chalet

People's choice Young Persons Category

1ST PRIZE: Liam Kelly-Crawford: The Matters of a Leaf 
* Sponsored by Cr Kate Richards

Chairman's choice Open Category

  • ADULT WINNER: Mandy Watson:Eastern Water Dragon 

* Sponsored by Cafe Fiori

Chairman's choice Young Persons Category

1ST PRIZE: William McConaghy: A Pair of Feathery Acrobats 
* Sponsored by Amcal + Pharmacy

Open category 1 - Native plants and Fungi

  • 1ST PRIZE:  Malcolm Frost: Dendrobium speciosum
  • 2ND PRIZEJim Pope: Brisbane Wattle (Acacia fimbriata)
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Malcolm Frost: Grevillea sp.

* Sponsored by Pisces Enterprises

Open category 2 - Native birds

  • 1ST PRIZE: Mandy Watson: Welcome Swallow
  • 2ND PRIZE: Anne Love-Hoskins: Azure Kingfisher
  • 3RD PRIZE: Peter Koury: Bird on a Wire
  • 4TH PRIZE: Lloyd Bullock: Eastern Yellow Robin
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Anne Love-Hoskins, Ed Frazer, Peter Koury, Ed Frazer 

* Sponsored by Kenmore Bridge Club

Open category 3 - Native animals (excluding birds)

  • 1ST PRIZE:  Mandy Watson: Parasitic Snail Blowfly
  • 2ND PRIZEAnne Love-Hoskins: Fiery Skimmer
  • 3RD PRIZE: Alexander Davies: Clash of the Titans
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Janine Nicklin, Anne Love-Hoskins, Alexander Davies

* Sponsored by Dr Christian Rowan (State MP for Moggill)

Young persons category (Grades 1-6) - Our Catchment 

  • 1ST PRIZE: William McConaghy: A kookaburra taking a rest
  • 2ND PRIZE: Liam Kelly-Crawford: The Matters of a Leaf
  • 3RD PRIZE: Molly Nearhos: Carpet Python
  • HIGHLY COMMENDED: Aislin Kelly-Crawford, Charlotte Keddie, Lucy Harrold
* Sponsored by Cr Kate Richards


  • all our talented photographers
  • our Photograph Competition Co-ordinator, Beck Bain
  • our Photograph Competition Committee
  • our judge, Anne Pappalardo, President of the Queensland Camera Group
  • those who gave their time at Kenmore Village during display week
  • our ever generous sponsors:
Dr Christian Rowan MP, Member for Moggill 
Amcal + Pharmacy Kenmore
Cafe Fiori 
Kenmore Village
The Pet Chalet 
Pisces Enterprises 
Kenmore Bridge Club