A simple request for help

We are passing on a request from Brisbane City Council's Land for Wildlife officers.

They are seeking help with a stocktake of Richmond birdwing butterfly vine plantings on private and public land throughout the Western suburbs.

The aim is to get a picture of how many Pararistolochia praevenosa vines are out there so they can identify gaps in the landscape to connect up.

If you are able and are interested in contributing this project, please respond to the following questions as best as possible regarding any plantings on sites you know about:

  • How many vines have been planted?
  • How many vines are alive?
  • Age of vines?
  • Height of vines?
  • Climbing plant or not?
  • Overall condition of the vines?
  • Location?
  • Is there any potential planting for more vines?
  • Any other properties/sites that have or may have RBV vine

Please spread the word to any neighbours or friends who may also be in a position to help!

All responses can be sent via email to  leah.hattendorff@brisbane.qld.gov.au