Another notable AGM

Our 2019 AGM was held on Thursday 28 November.

The  new committee was elected in and we were all captivated by Dr Melinda Laidlaw's talk on weed ecology, surveillance, priority weed identification and how to use the Weed Spotters App.

We are grateful to Melinda for volunteering her time and sharing her expertise.

The Chairman's annual report contains a summary of the group's work throughout the 2018-2019 financial year.

This year's report is full of photos and really informative check-ins from the bushcare groups.

It features highlights of the year, such as Kids Day and the Photo Competition, and includes photos from many years ago which indicate the longstanding and continuing achievements of the MCCG.

The final lines of Jim's report summarise the successes of 2019:

Overall 2018/2019 has been an excellent year for Moggill Creek Catchment Group, with lots of interesting and invigorating activities and talks and several new initiatives. Our bush care work was impacted by the ongoing drought but let’s hope that conditions return to something more like normal soon! In the coming year I’m sure that with the help of our enthusiastic members and volunteers, we can continue to grow and flourish. 

Read Jim's full report here: 

MCCG Annual Report 2018-2019 MCCG Annual Report 2018-2019 (7245 KB)

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