Bringing adult Richmond birdwing butterflies into your garden

Most of us are aware that the Richmond birdwing butterfly is listed as a vulnerable species in Queensland.

You may also be aware of a groundbreaking project across South East Queensland to plant "corridors" of the birdwing butterfly vine (Pararistolochia praevenosa and P. Laheyana) to support the butterflies during their immature stages as larvae.

But what about the adult butterflies? How can you attract them into your garden or property?  

The Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network has produced a guide of naturally occurring native plants which are attractive to Richmond birdwings. The listing was written by Dr. Don Sands. Please click here to open the guide: 

Australian Nectar Plants for Adult RBB 2019 Australian Nectar Plants for Adult RBB 2019 (236 KB)

To read more about the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly, please click here

The MCCG wishes to thank the RBCN for allowing us to share their article.