Brisbane Biodiversity Seminar at Kenmore

Explore the fascinating world of Brisbane's carmivorous marsupials at Brisbane City Council's Biodiversity Seminar. It will be held at Kenmore Library on Tuesday evening 11 July.

The event will include:
  • a live showing of Brisbane’s carnivorous marsupial species by Martin Finland
  • a presentation by Thomas Mutton (QUT) on the newest discoveries of Antechinus in Queensland including the Buff-footed Antechinus found in Brisbane’s western suburbs
  • a talk by Land for Wildlife partner Rob Nitschke about the rarely-seen Brush-tailed Phascogales nesting on his property.

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Carnivorous Marsupials Invitation 11 July 2017 Carnivorous Marsupials Invitation 11 July 2017 (911 KB)