Brisbane Intrepid Landcare's 'Picnic in the Forest'

Do you know someone aged between 16 and 35 who is interested in fun land care activities and networking with other young people?

Then you'd better tell them that Intrepid Landcare has arrived in Brisbane!

Intrepid Landcare is not your usual bushcare group. It is an adventurous organisation that empowers young people to lead on stuff that matters to them. It is already highly effective in other parts of Australia, repairing the environment, combating climate change to leave our land in better condition for future generations.

To celebrate Intrepid Landcare's arrival in Brisbane, they will be holding their first event - a Picnic in the Forest - on Saturday 2nd Julyat Karawatha Forest, starting at 9.30am.

For more info: 
  1. check out the poster:

    Picnic in the Forest Picnic in the Forest (685 KB)

  2. visit their website, then: