Calling all strategic thinkers

(members and non members alike)

The MCCG is undertaking a vital strategic planning process over the next few months to determine our priorities for future activities.

Based on last review (published in 2011) and an evaluation of the impacts of our activities since then, our aim is to assess how effective we have been in our programs. We will seek to identify new challenges and concerns which have arisen in the last five years.
We will also be canvassing the views of our members and other people and groups who work with us or who have a keen interest in what we do. 

From this, we will develop our strategies and actions/projects for the future.
It is vitally important for us to continuously review our activities so we can prioritise how to best use our available time, resources and volunteer energies in the future.  We will post details on the website as we progress.

If you wish to participate in any part of the process, comment on one or more of the activities we are undertaking (listed below),  or if you believe  there are opportunities/issues which you think have been overlooked, please let us know!

Feel free to email  your views to our chairman Warren Hoey, or to any of the other committee members listed on our Contact Details page. We're waiting to hear from you!

You are welcome to view our 2011 review and other relevant documents - please click here

MCCG projects and activities:

  • Kids Day at the Cottage
  • Photography competition
  • Nursery
  • Landcare services
  • Newsletter
  • Cottage talks
  • Bushcare group actions on public land
  • Riparian restoration in Rowena Park
  • Bird project
  • Creek Health Monitoring Program
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Platypus survey
  • Cat`s Claw Creeper control
  • Become a Committee Member