Cane Toad Challenge (CTC) Workshop

WHEN? This Saturday 17 November from 1pm to 4pm.

WHERE?  At the Cottage, end of Gold Creek Road on the Gold Creek Dam Reserve, Brookfield.

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT?  Brisbane City Council, in conjunction with the MCCG, is running a workshop on cane toad tadpole capture. Participants will learn about the construction and use of  cane toad traps.

CANE TOAD CHALLENGE (CTC) is a University of Queensland (UQ) initiative that aims to facilitate the uptake of innovative cane toad control technologies. The initiative uses cane toad pheromones (baits) in conjunction with traps to achieve the large-scale capture and removal of cane toad tadpoles from managed waterways such as dams, ponds, streams, creeks.

Toads are toxic at all stages of their life cycle and predation upon cane toads can lead to the deaths of many native animals, particularly those which prey u[on frogs. Conversely, cane toads also predate upon many native species smaller than themselves, as well as competing with them for food.

As a CTC affiliate, the MCCG encourages members to attend the workshop and to support the Challenge. Coordinated implementation of tadpole trapping has the potential to dramatically reduce cane toad populations and alleviate the environmental impact of this toxic invasive pest.

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