Challenge of the Cane Toad

Cane toads (Rhinella marina) pose a very serious threat to our native wildlife, particularly those which feed on frogs. This includes goannas, snakes, dingoes and quolls, for whom cane toad venom, which contains adrenalin and cardotoxic steroids, can be lethal.  

The MCCG is working with Professor Rob Capon from the University of Queensland to catch cane toad tadpoles using cane toad venom. We are also liaising with BCC about the collection of adult cane toads.

Note: please check our Summer newsletter for an update about the MCCG's work on the Cane Toad Challenge!

But in the meantime we can share some info about a different approach to the Cane Toad Challenge. It seems we have other interested parties who are just as keen to eradicate the toad!

Last year, Ed Frazer managed to shoot a sequence of photos showing two different birds feasting on cane toads on separate occasions. The first was a White Ibis. The second was a Cattle Egret. 

For both birds, taking down and ingesting their respective cane toad was no easy feat! 

Here is the first shot of the Egret's marathon feast:

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