Colour in the Catchment

We have a new photo to share with you! It's of a rare and colourful visitor to our catchment: the Red-rumped Parrot (Psephotus haematonotus).

Ed Frazer took the photo on a foggy October morning. Our catchment is known to be in the vagrant area for this species, but this is the first time we've photographed one locally.

It's a lovely photo of a male which clearly shows his bright green colouring, yellow belly and turquoise head, together with the red rump for which he is named. These are beautifully colourful little birds which are more prevalent in the South-eastern states of Australia than Queensland.

Ed speculates that that the bird was visiting in search of food and water from the Darling Downs where they are more common. 

Please visit our Rare and Vagrant Birds in the Catchment digital field guide and scroll down to view this lovely shot.