CWCN Workshop: Small native mammals

The Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network (CWCN) is holding a workshop on Saturday 18 May featuring "Small Native Mammals".

Small mammals, generally described as ‘small, brown and furry’, are often quite difficult to tell apart.

This presentation explores the world of small mammal species found locally. You’ll get to meet a potoroo, a dunnart and various other poorly known and seldom seen marsupials and learn the techniques for identifying animals which are often only seen at night in torch light.

Martin Fingland/Geckoes Wildlife will again enthral his audience with live animals and the sharing of his love for and knowledge of our wonderful native fauna. Find out more in the attached flyer.

The workshop will run from 9am until 12.30 on Saturday 18 May at the CWCN Centre, 47 Hepworth St, Chapel Hill (UBD 178 A11).

This is the eighth workshop in a current series of ten. Registrations are essential. Our workshops tend to be very popular, and we don’t want you to miss out.

CWCN workshops are free. Preference will be given to members of catchment and bushcare groups, Land for Wildlife participants and our local educators. A cuppa is available on arrival and a morning tea will be served.

If you have questions or would like to receive more information, kindly ring Jutta on 0407 583 441 or email [email protected].

A registration form can be found in the flyer. Kindly email your form to [email protected] or post to 47 Hepworth Street, Chapel Hill 4069.

Download the flyer and registration form here: 

CWCN Small Native Mammals Workshop flyer CWCN Small Native Mammals Workshop flyer (301 KB)