Every Picture Tells a Story

was a hands-on day filled with happiness and fun!
These photos taken on the day show just how busy our clever young team was!  

Kids' Day is so much FUN!

Look what we made ....

 Yes, it's quite safe to touch!
Even got to hold a giant cockroach!  

Hand-made beads from pest bamboo - who'd have thought! 

Giving life to new seedlings
(photo courtesy of Bill Lyne)

So many projects, so many things to take home! 

 Oh LOOK, there's one!

It's fun helping, too!

OK then, let's go!

Big happy smiles all day long!

Pretty big stick insect!
Not often kids can get this close to a tawny frogmouth!
Ooh, it feels cold ....
.... CAN'T WAIT FOR 2017!!!!

Photos printed with permission and kindly provided by Dale Borgelt