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The guest speaker at the MCCG Annual General Meeting on Monday 26 November is zoologist Dr Ian Gynther, Senior Conservation Officer.

Ian will deliver a talk titled "Conserving the Richmond Birdwing through direct intervention - a captive breeding and release approach".

Please come and join us!


This will be a very informed presentation from an expert speaker!
For more information, please contact Dale Borgelt at:

PROFILE - Dr Ian Gynther

Dr Ian Gynther joined the Queensland Government’s conservation agency in 1992, where he has worked ever since. Currently, he is a zoologist in the Threatened Species Program of the Queensland Department of Environment and Science.

Originally, Ian’s role involved conducting general vertebrate fauna surveys across South-east Queensland as part of a community-based wildlife atlas program.

More recently, his focus has been on reversing the decline of threatened birds, mammals and invertebrates, including the magnificent Richmond Birdwing.

The incentive to work on the conservation of this butterfly was provided by Dr Don Sands, who, along with the MCCG, laid the foundations for the project that will be presented in this talk.

MCCG volunteers planting Richmond Birdwing Vines near Gap Creek in 2016
(Photo courtesy of Dale Borgelt and Bryan Hacker)

This is an opportunity to hear from an expert in our state's biodiversity. Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Note: Wildlife Queensland's launched its Bring Back the Birdwing Project in 2018. Click here to re-visit a news item from earlier in the year.