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We couldn't let the New Year arrive without paying tribute to the winner of the Young Person's category in our 2018 Photo Competition.

Alexander Davies is a prolific and talented young photographer. 

Unfortunately, when our Newsletter editor Cathi Lawrence put a call out for the stories behind the winning photos for our Summer Newsletter, Alexander's story missed the deadline.

So we've decided to publish it on the website instead! Here is Alexander's winning shot and the story behind it for your enjoyment!  Well done and thank you Alexander!

Out of all the images I entered into the competition, I enjoyed this one the most. 

The image depicts a Lively Rainbow Skink (Carlia vivax) peeping from behind a dead stump. 

The image showcases their inquisitive nature, instead of running away or scampering off like a lot of small skinks they will actively investigate you, especially when sitting still trying to photograph them. 

These skinks are absent in suburbia due to their love for tussock grasses and native ground covers, however they are very common along with several other Carlia sp. in these areas. 

They are actually not a very common skink in the Moggill Creek Catchment and are restricted to areas of virgin Open Eucalypt forest. They shun moist areas, though they may turn up in vine scrub, wallum country or the edges of swamps.

This photo was taken at Mt Crosby.