How many bird species have been spotted in Deerhurst Park?

Conservation efforts are reaping great rewards in a small Brookfield park between Gap Creek Road and Brookfield Road.

The tireless efforts of Mike Humphrey's Bushcare group, combined with work by local residents means that eventually the width of the park's riparian zone will be doubled. An outstanding result!  ... and the bird numbers confirm it! 

Click here to open the May edition of Jim Butler's "Feather Fascination" and learn just how many bird species have used the restored habitat in Deerhust Park. 

It's pretty amazing and VERY encouraging!


A male Golden Whistler - one of the many birds spotted in Deerhurst Park

Photo courtesy of Ed Fraser 

Here's what the Gap Creek Bushcare crew have achieved in a year!

In February they were helped by the Brookfield Bike Riders Club who use the park on their way to the trails on Mt Cootha.  This is the third time in the last 2 years that the bike riders have helped out - great effort!


Last year's planting - looking great!   
To start, 343 holes were dug this year with an auger   
Then the plants went in ...  
And here are the people who achieved all this:
The Gap Creek Bushcare group 
AND the Brookfield Bike Riders Club!

If you'd like to contribute, please phone Mike Humphrey on 3374 1467.