Know your birds?

How well do you know our local bird life? 

Test your Ornithology prowess with a new bird identification quiz published each month in The Local Bulletin.

We will provide the answers to each quiz right here in the first or second week of every month!

If you need some help identifying the birds in the quiz, we'd recommend searching our Digital Bird Guides

We have two alphabetical lists which provide a wealth of localised information about the feeding behaviours, habitats and additional local information. The guides also provide thumb-nail images which expand to a larger view when you click upon them.

So, do you have your answers ready for this month's quiz?  The correct answers are:

  1. Mistletoebird (male)

   2. Peaceful  Dove

   3. Australian Pelican

Keep an eye out for next month's quiz! 
(Photos provided by Ed Frazer)