MCCG 20th Anniversary Photo Book - Call for Photos

We need your very best Catchment photos!
As part of the celebrations for our 20th Anniversary, MCCG plans to produce a photo book. It will contain about 60 pictures and text to describe the history, achievements, community involvement, the beauty of our catchment and its environmental challenges.
We're particularly after photos of early catchment group activity, and especially before and after photos of restoration work started in the early days of MCCG.  Photos showing the catchment and MCCG activities, such as working bees, restoration work, MCCG members (particularly those who started MCCG), flooding events, and catchment flora and fauna will all be useful.

Submitting photos: - please have these to us by 22nd September 2017
 Digital Photos
Email to the MCCG Secretary Each photograph will be acknowledged
 Non-digital Pictures
Post to the MCCG Secretary at PO Box 657, Kenmore 4069. The photos will be scanned and the originals returned, if a return address is provided.