MCCG features on Gardening Australia!

Grab some pizza and switch on the TV this Friday night! (8 March)

And be sure to tune into the ABC's Gardening Australia at 7.30pm!

You'll see a short segment about the damage done by Cat’s Claw Creeper (Dolichandra unguis-cati) which Gardening Australia produced with the help of the MCCG.

Our very own Adrian Webb is the ‘star’ of the segment!  Adrian and a very hard-working ABC crew spent an entire day filming at Upper Brookifeld late last year.

Jerry Coleby-Williams will present the segment which goes to air on Friday 8 March at 7.30pm, with a repeat episode on Sunday 10 March at 1.30pm.

The ABC team (from left to right): presenter (Jerry Coleby-Williams), producer (Neil Proud), the cameraman and sound engineer