MEMBERS: time to plant!

We have recently had some good rain and the days are becoming a little cooler, so now could be a good time to plant!  

Please phone Bryan Hacker on 3374 1468 or via email at  if you would like some free plants from our Nursery.

We have good stocks of advanced plants of the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Vine – Pararistolochia praevenosa for $8.

We also currently have variable numbers of the species listed below in stock:

Grasses and other herbaceous plants:

Chloris ventricosa
Cymbopogon refractus                     
Lomandra hystrix
Tall chloris
Barbed wire grass
A mat rush 

Acacia fimbriata
Acacia irrorata
Acacia podalyriifolia
Cordyline petiolaris
Senna sofera

Brisbane wattle
Green wattle
Silver wattle
Pepper-leaved senna 
Vines and Creepers
Pandorea jasminoide

Bower vine 
Alphitonia excelsa

Castanospermum australe
Cupaniopsis parvifolia
Flindersia collina
Flindersia xanthoxyla
Guioa semiglauca
Harpullia pendula
Hymenosporum flavum 
Lophostemon confertus
Myrsine variabilis
Neolitsea dealbata
Podocarpus elatus
Stenocarpus salignus
Stenocarpus sinuatus
Sterculia quadrifida

Syzygium smithi

Red ash

Black bean
Small-leaved tuckeroo
Leopard ash
Yellow wood
Native frangipani
Brush box
White bolly gum
Brown pine
Scrub beefwood

Peanut tree
Lilly pilly