PLATYPUS SURVEY Sunday 10 Sept - Register NOW!


NOW is the PERFECT time to become a PLATY-WATCHER!

How about joining a specialised group who volunteer for our annual MCCG Platypus Survey?

No special skills required; just a passion for protecting these special and elusive mammals!

Apart from the excitement of possibly spotting a platypus, it's always surprising how much other wildlife is around and in the creek in the quiet of the early morning.

You'll get a free cooked breakfast and a special platypus presentation as added benefits!

Register for this rewarding experience by Friday 1 September by contacting Tamielle Brunt:

You can read more about being involved in this year's 

We also have information about previous sightings on our Platypus Survey page. You may be surprised how many platypus are thriving in our urban environment.

And you can also join our Platypus Survey Facebook group.