Red-necked Pademelons in the catchment

For many years there have been unsubstantiated rumours  that a Red-necked Pademelon had been seen in the vicinity of Gold Creek Road.

But no-one could provide proof, so we weren't really sure!

We now have evidence that this small elusive marsupial does indeed live locally.

During evenings at home on his Broofkield property, Ed Frazer has often heard a very distinctive single thump. This is the sound a pademelon makes when it is disturbed: it sends a warning to predators by thumping its hind feet. 

Ed has never seen the animal as they are particularly cautious, easily frightened and notoriously difficult to spot.

So Ed set up his Infra-red triggered camera and recently was fortunate enough to pick up the following shot of the timid Red-necked Pademelon:

The rumour has become reality:  we now have proof that the Red-necked Pademelon is present in the lower areas of Brookfield! Very heartening news indeed. 

Note: to learn more about the Red-necked Pademelon, visit the Queensland Museum website.