Strategic Plan for 2017 - new goals and next steps

MCCG has a new strategic plan ..... 

In 2016 the Management Committee decided to undertake a planning exercise. Older plans reflected a time when the MCCG was a smaller organisation with some different challenges, although the environmental ones are still there. 

We are currently producing a list of important actions to fit under each strategy, with the intention of ensuring we don`t overreach ourselves in an attempt to do everything that needs to be done. 

Therefore the links to our major stakeholders such as the Brisbane City Council, Healthy Land and Water and South-East Queensland Water are as important as ever in retaining and protecting the natural environment of the Moggill Creek Catchment. 

Thank you to everyone who helped with ideas, debate and plain hard work in putting this plan together. We will use it to guide us and to gauge our future performance. 

A special thanks to Mark Creyton who guided our process.

We invite you to read our Strategic Plan and to reflect on the challenges ahead and our strategies to overcome these.