The Rescue Project - What's your story?

"Have you ever rescued a riverbank?  A tract of bush, native tree or a garden, a waterway, an eroded beach or some farmland? A native animal or bird?
What do you feel as you tend to tired earth, or engage with the intrinsic value of an old-growth giant, or look into that creature’s eyes?
In some way, do these things rescue you?
In the act of environmental rescue we nurture a tree through drought, we restore a place, or we restore a native animal, to health. But this is not a one-way encounter. 
In rescuing we too receive something in return. In the act of giving back, there is a quiet emotion we might feel that nourishes ourselves, and sometimes whole communities."

This is Rescue. What’s your story?

The Rescue Project is a partnership between Landcare Australia and the University of NSW. It's part of a research study looking at why, as individuals and community groups, we continue to carry out small acts of rescuing animals and landscapes in the face of a global environmental crisis.

It also asks what role citizen storytelling across online media can play in motivating an environmentally concerned public.

You can join the project. To participate all you need to do is join the Rescue website and upload a 500 word story by January 2019 about rescuing habitat or animals.

Like to learn more? Click here to open the Rescue website

  Rowena Park rescue 
Fragility of the Antechinus (courtesy Ed Frazer)