Tuckett Street Park on a Sunday

Looking for a quiet and grassy creekside parkland so you can enjoy nature on a lazy Sunday morning?

Why not try Tuckett Street Park?  Nestled away in Kenmore Hills, this picturesque parkland has wide areas of grassland and a playground for the kids. 

Its great for picnics or a walk by the creek!

A bushcare group meets here on the last Sunday of each month. They do some general maintenance to keep the weeds down, put in new plantings and essentially make the area the inviting haven it has become.

If you can spare some time to help look after Tuckett Street Park, Jim Pope can give you all the details. His phone number is 3374 4181 or email: j.pope@qut.edu.au

The group has been meeting for many years and are very welcoming to new starters. Here are some photos from over the years to show what a typical Tuckett St. working bee looks like! 

 The flood aftermath in February 2015   
Brushcutting - May 2016:   


Time for a break! May 2016:

Into the thick of it! - May 2016:

Watering in new plantings - May 2016:

Simply enjoying the outdoors - May 2016:

The smile says it all: bushcare is not all that hard! May 2016: