An infestation of the Creeping Burrhead water plant has recently been found and removed from the bed of Moggill Creek. This raises some concern that more infestations may be present in other locations, particularly below pools.

Creeping Burrhead (Echinodorus cordifolius) is often grown as an ornamental in garden ponds, aquariums and water features.  In recent years it has become established along creeks and other water bodies in South-Eastern Queensland.

 It quickly spreads via its creeping underwater stems and forms dense clumps that out-compete native species.  Clumps or segments of the underwater stems can separate from each other and form new colonies.
Image courtesy of Yongkiet at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Please help us by reporting any suspected sightings of the weed.

For more info and to help you identify Creeping Burrhead, please refer to the Alert Sheet: 

Creeping Burrhead Creeping Burrhead (811 KB)