Weekend Working Bees - it's a threesome!

Can you spare a couple of hours on Sunday morning? From 8.30 - not too early!

We have 3 working bees to choose from!

  1. Huntington/Tuckett 
  2. Brookfield Showgrounds
  3. Russell's property at Upper Brookfield

Why not join the team at 8.30am at Creekside Park in Brookfield for some weed clearing? For more info, please contact Jim Pope on 3374 4181.

Or pitch in with Damien Egan's team behind the Brookfield Produce Store at 8.30am. Damien's number is 3378 5199.

Or ... help to continue weeding the creek bank on Russell's property at 8.30am of mother-of -millions, succulent cactus, and other weeds. Contact Phil Bird for more info on 3374 0958.

Please refer to our Working Bee Calendar for more info and details of other working bees.

Thank you!!!