What you need to know about droughts

2018 has been the fourth - driest April to June period  since the Bureau of Meteorology started tacking records in 1900. 

Lower-level soil moisture this July 2018 has also been below average. 

ABC News has this week published an article which may be of interest. It provides the definition of a drought and describes in layman's terms different types of droughts and the reasons behind our increasingly arid climate. 

You can read the article by clicking here: What you need to know about droughts:  why they happen and how they are defined.

You may also wish to view the Bureau of Meteorology's recent Youtube video: August-October 2018 Climate and Water Outlook.  It reports on the reasons behind our most recent weather conditions.

And finally, you can monitor national rainfall deficiencies and soil moisture each month by viewing the Bureau of Meteorology Monthly Drought Statement.