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Changes to Nursery Plant Orders

If you'd like to collect plants from our Nursery between late August and early October, please contact Damien on 0400 737 122 (rather than our usu..Read more

Meet the Mammals of Moggill

We've just released a new field guide! Mammals found in the Moggill Creek Catchment To our knowledge, this is the first list of ma..Read more

Tick tock

Time is ticking away and Spring is nearly upon us! Unfortunately, the warmer Spring weather often brings with it an increase in ticks and tick bit..Read more

Two pigeons

Which bird is responsible for the dispersal of around 70% of seeds in Australian rainforests? Quite remarkable! The name of this news item..Read more

What you need to know about droughts

2018 has been the fourth - driest April to June period since the Bureau of Meteorology started tacking records in 1900. Lower-level soil moi..Read more

Restoration Celebration

Come along and meet like-minded volunteers as Brisbane City Council celebrates achievements in protecting and restoring Brisbane's biodiversity. ..Read more


Would you like to see some extraordinary shots of local Kookaburras doing unexpected things? Then take a look at our latest Bush Bites article..Read more

Drama in the backyard

MCCG Chairman Jim Pope has shared some photos of an event which unfolded in his backyard recently. We've added it to our Bush Bites series of ..Read more

Savvy survival

Around 50% of the nests of the tiny Brown Thornbill are raided. This enterprising little bird has developed some amazing strategies to avoid i..Read more

What's been happening at Pacey Road lately?

Our Pacey Road group has been working together since 2011 with roving working bees on residents' properties. Their initial aim was to restore the ..Read more

*** NEWS FLASH !!! ***

Glycine, one of our worst environmental weeds, is flowering NOW !!!!! Did you know the seeds can last in the soil for MORE THAN 10 YEARS? ..Read more


WE HAVE SOME VERY EXCITING NEWS !! Our existing pdf list of “Undesirable and Invasive Plant Species – National, State and Council..Read more

More Kids Day photos!

Take a look at our latest photos from Kids Day! They tell their own story: the day was fun-filled and happy, with the added bonus that everyo..Read more


"Moggill Creek is greener, healthier and more stable thanks to the hard work of the Kenmore State High School Parents and Citizens Association." ..Read more

Kids Day at the Cottage 2018

was a hands-on day filled with happiness and fun! Kids plunged into a variety of activities with a focus on nature. Senses were on hi..Read more

First time photo!

Paul Campbell has shared with us a lovely shot of a Striated Heron. Predominantly a coastal water bird, to our knowledge this is the first ti..Read more

Abundant in beauty ...

and abundant in chromosomes!!! The Azure Kingfisher is arguably one of the prettiest and most colourful birds in our catchment. These little k..Read more

DATE CLAIMER: Cats Claw Info Sessions

Cat's Claw Creeper poses a MAJOR ENVIRONMENTAL THREAT to our catchment. We are holding two free information sessions to offer guidance and to ..Read more


And this is our opportunity to recognise our very dedicated crew of volunteers. Weeds never stop growing but our volunteers never give up! ..Read more

Congratulations Dale!

There is no more remarkable or vibrant member in our group than Dale Borgelt, our Public Relations Officer. Dale has contributed to the local ..Read more

Quite a show!

Thank you to everyone who visited us in the beautiful Autumn sunshine at the Brookfield Show this year, and to all members who gave their valuable..Read more

A dilemna for us all to ponder

Our latest Bush Bites article is a very thought-provoking piece about the probable consequences of climate change on plant life within the catchme..Read more

The threat of water weeds

Could it be that we're inadvertently contributing to the growth of "water weeds" in our creek systems? Ed Frazer has penned a thought-provokin..Read more

Just Ducky!

The sight of a Pacific Black Duck inverted in the water with its legs in the air while it feeds is absolutely guaranteed to bring a smile! Thi..Read more

Not all snails are pests!

Our latest Bush Bites article features a beautifully coloured snail which you may come across in your garden. This is one snail that we should..Read more

How food may influence flight

In our latest Feather Fascination, Jim Butler introduces us to the Hoatzin, a bird (or is it a flying cow?) from the Amazon Basin. Jim points ..Read more

Members making a difference

Our MCCG bushcare groups are simply inspirational !! Members and volunteers alike just keep pitching in and - to their credit - delivering sig..Read more

Gotcha! Successful Cane Toad Collection Drive

Up to 30 people responded to our challenge to join our Cane Toad Collection night on 9 March. The purpose of the event was to supply the Unive..Read more

Nightlife in the Catchment

Brisbane folk tend to equate nightlife with The Valley but we have our own active scene happening every night right here in the Catchment! Wh..Read more

National Waterbug Blitz

Be part of Australia's first nationwide citizen science waterway monitoring event! If you value our waterways and eco-systems, here is a genu..Read more

Harlequin Bugs: facts and photos

It is quite likely that you have come across some wonderfully colourful insects known as Mallotus Harlequin bugs in your property or backyard. ..Read more

The naming of a new bird species

In January 2018 the International Ornithological Union identified a new species of Fairy-wren in Australia. The Purple-backed Fairy Wren (Mal..Read more

Info about the Mt Coot-tha zipline

Western suburbs residents may be interested in following the progress of the Mt Coot-tha zipline project. The Brisbane City Council website co..Read more


CANE TOAD COLLECTION EVENT FRIDAY 9 MARCH Brisbane City Council, in collaboration with the MCCG and the Cubberla-Witton Catchment Network (CW..Read more

Red-necked Pademelons in the catchment

For many years there have been unsubstantiated rumours that a Red-necked Pademelon had been seen in the vicinity of Gold Creek Road. But no-o..Read more

Golden Orb Weavers

STOP FOR A MOMENT TO THINK ! Can you see the beauty in a spider? If you read our latest Bush Bites article you may find yourself captured by ..Read more

How do water birds dive?

In this month's issue of Feather Fascination, Jim Butler explains physiological features of the Australasian Darter which enable it to perform so ..Read more

MEMBERS, please keep tomorrow morning free!

Did you know ... that fungi can no longer be considered as native plants? Our summer newsletter reported that, following last year's annual ph..Read more

Under the Mistletoe

We often think of mistletoe as a scourge! Mistletoe is a hemi-parasitic woody plant which attaches to other plants with its haustoria, special..Read more

Book now for Aquatic Macro-Invertebrate Survey Training

In 2015/16, Brisbane City Council's Creek Catchment Program (CCP) introduced the Waterway Health Assessment Training (WHAT) program to provide cat..Read more

*NEW* Online Butterfly Identification List !

We are very excited about the release of our latest online field guide: Butterflies Found within the Catchment. The list contains some beautif..Read more

Where did the Bullies go?

How many of us remember what a "Bullie" is? Back in the day, flocks of Bullies used to soar overhead but this is a sight seldom seen these..Read more

A Tricky Feathertail Glider Release

In our Summer Newsletter, Chris Read kindly shared his story about the soft release of a Feathertail Glider family from his property. The sto..Read more

Found in Tuckett Street Park: A tiny turtle!

This baby turtle was found emerging from a nest in the woodchips surrounding the childrens play area in Tuckett St. Park. It seems that the ..Read more

Challenge of the Cane Toad

Cane toads (Rhinella marina) pose a very serious threat to our native wildlife, particularly those which feed on frogs. This includes goannas, sna..Read more

Riddles to get you thinking: 1. What is FID?

2. When is a heron not a heron? ... to find the answers to both these riddles, click here ( more

Saturday arvo at McKay Brook

Would you like to see what's been happening recently at McKay Brook? Thanks to recent intermittent rainfall, our plantings from 11th November ..Read more

Boobooks in backyards!

If you're intrigued by owls and birds of the night, then you must check our latest Bush Bites article! Vicki and Paul Campbell share details o..Read more

A Pheasant Christmas Day

... but this is not the traditional way we think of Pheasants at Christmas! On Christmas morning, Ed Frazer stepped outside his Brookfield pro..Read more

Whatever is beautiful ...

... whatever is meaningful, whatever brings you purpose and happiness ... the MCCG wishes you these gifts during the Christmas season and extendi..Read more

How did you go?

Last week Jim Butler set us all a challenge: to identify the species of three birds from photos in the December edition of 'Feather Fascination'. The ..Read more

What a place to call home!

We are delighted to share some of the winning entries of this year's Photography Competition. The entries submitted this year were of extraord..Read more

The joy of knowing

Here's a holiday challenge! In this month's issue of "Feather Fascination", Jim Butler presents you with a challenge! Click here (http://w..Read more


There are just a few copies of our 20th Anniversary Celebration Photobook left for sale. These lovely albums are filled with photos which pain..Read more

Which wallaby?

Do you have wallabies on your property? We have many species in our catchment. Ed Frazer has seen Red-necked Wallabies and Swamp Wallabies on..Read more

Progress and challenges

The Moggill Creek Catchment is a unique natural asset. It is much valued by the local community and to the people of Brisbane. It is h..Read more

MCCG-finalist in the Community Achievement Awards

It was a great honour for the MCCG to be selected as a finalist in the 2017 Queensland Community Achievement Awards. On Saturday 18 November..Read more

Ever feel like you're being watched?

MCCG member Chris Read has shared a lovely story about a visitor to his home who quietly watches everything that's going on! Click here (http:..Read more

Please help our Greater Gliders!

The Queensland Glider Network will soon start monitoring nest boxes in the search for greater gliders and they need your help! They have insta..Read more

Help us build a Butterfly List!

Breaking news! We have an exciting new project in the pipeline! We are building an Online Guide to the Butterflies found right here within o..Read more

Planting! Planting! Planting!

Do you have a green thumb? Do you enjoy planting natives? Then why not spend a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon with our Mirbelia Street ..Read more

The Night Hunter

Which bird hunts the chicks of other birds by night and roosts secretively during the day? It is the Nankeen Night Heron. The November 201..Read more

Upcoming BCC Events

The Community Conservation Partnerships Program of the Brisbane City Council holds a range of range of excellent environmentally-focused workshop..Read more

Is there a Tuan in your backyard?

Is something eating your chickens? Backyard poultry is the target of many predators, including the somewhat elusive and little known Tuan. Th..Read more

Tuckett Street Park on a Sunday

Looking for a quiet and grassy creekside parkland so you can enjoy nature on a lazy Sunday morning? Why not try Tuckett Street Park (http://ww..Read more

Get the buzz on blowflies!

Yes, blowflies! This pesky species is the topic of our latest Bush Bites article. Click here ( more


Cats Claw is on the move! To stop it dead in its tracks, now is the time to: CHECK YOUR CATS CLAW CREEPER’S MARCH UP THE TREE T..Read more

A Never Ending Story

Our Catchment abounds with resilient people and amazing stories! .... not to mention postcard-perfect scenery and diverse plant-life and wildlife..Read more

Members invitation: talk by the Curator of Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Native Plants Queensland has kindly extended an invitation to MCCG members to join them at their Western Suburbs branch meeting, for an informativ..Read more

Restoring Habitats: beyond the trees - the importance of people to bushcare

The Restoring Habitats Forum, originally scheduled for Sunday 8 October, has been postponed until Sunday 8 November. Brisbane City Council in..Read more

If you value our ecosystems

... there is something you can do! A new weed has been assessed as a serious threat to our ecosystems. It is known as Anzac Tree Daisy...Read more

A Summer Holiday

The Black-faced Monarch visits us here in Australia each summer, anywhere on the East coast from Cape York down to Port Phillip Bay. At this t..Read more

The things you see

.. on a working bee! Phil Bird and his crew captured this family shot on Phil's iPhone during their September Sunday working bee. ..Read more

Pollinator Festival - Saturday 8 October

Come along to this family fun day and learn of the value and needs of our multitude of different pollinators and what you can do to support them i..Read more

Happiness is a Butterfly

Can you picture the skies full of Richmond Birdwing Butterflies again? That’s exactly what will happen when we work together to Brin..Read more

Cast your vote!

The MCCG has been selected as a finalist in the 2017 Queensland Community Achievement Awards and we are a part of the People's Choice Award. T..Read more


Seventy-six bright-eyed volunteers set their alarms VERY EARLY to take part in the annual MCCG Platypus Survey on Sunday 10 September. T..Read more

Birds in tunnels

We have two WONDERFUL articles guaranteed to fascinate ... They reveal the curious parenting and foraging behaviours of the Striated Pardalote. ..Read more

A rare shot

September 2017 marks the first time the Red-capped Robin has been photographed in our Catchment! Ed Frazer took the magic shot on Wednesday 6 ..Read more

Help Urgently Needed!

HELP US KEEP ALIVE A TRULY ICONIC LOCAL EVENT! And you won't even need gardening gloves! Our PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION team REALLY needs some h..Read more

What bird is that??

A TRULY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT for bird lovers who live within the Moggill Creek Catchment !!! We are pleased to release an illustrated Online..Read more

Take the pledge!

Keep Australia Beautiful Week runs from Monday 21 August until Sunday 27 August. Why not Take the Pledge (https://kabnational.typeform.c..Read more

Friars in our midst

They look just like friars with their featherless faces and regal white gorgets! But they are certainly more chatty than our somewhat more sombre ..Read more

Weekend Working Bees - it's a threesome!

Can you spare a couple of hours on Sunday morning? From 8.30 - not too early! We have 3 working bees to choose from! Huntin..Read more

National Tree Day 2017

Did you know that it's National Tree Day this Sunday 30 July? Tree Day presents an opportunity to do something positive for your local environ..Read more

Wild Brisbane - Fauna Workshops at CWCN

Martin Fingland from Geckoes Wildlife is running an exciting series of four workshops featuring Brisbane Wildlife. The dates are as follows: ..Read more

You like?

Are you interested in seeing what activities other environmentally-minded people in Brisbane have been up to? Perhaps engaging with them a little?..Read more

Inaugural THECA Art Show

Calling all artists with an interest in nature studies! Here is a way of showcasing your own talents (and possibly making a bit of ..Read more

Opportunities to assist the MCCG

The MCCG is always looking for volunteers to help with the many tasks we undertake to make a real difference to our local environment. Here are some ..Read more

Community Conservation Assistance 2017-18

Brisbane City Council has announced the opening of its 2017-18 Community Conservation Assistance program (CCA). This assistance is available to help ..Read more

What comes up ....

... must come down! Or so the saying goes! The Varied Sitella has a remarkable foraging method. It hops HEAD-FIRST down tree branches and trunks to fi..Read more

Kids Day at the Cottage 2017

WHAT A DAY! There were many happy faces, with little and large hands and fingers alike busily engaged in colouring, make and do and art and cr..Read more

Tracks and Traces ...

The lucky attendees at our public meeting on June 15 were thoroughly entertained by Martin Fingland’s talk on Tracks and Traces of Wildlife. Ma..Read more

Training - SEQ Water Quality Monitoring Database

Healthy Land and Water is launching a new database which will house all existing and future water quality and environmental monitoring data collec..Read more

The hidden biodiversity in our catchment

Hidden away in the waterways and grasses of our Moggill Creek Catchment are some fascinating birds belonging to the little-known group of Crakes a..Read more

A weed beating beetle!

Over the last 5 to 10 years, a small, brown beetle known as the ‘Celtis Leaf Beetle’ (Menippus cynicus) has started causing noticeable..Read more

No Cottage Talk this month

Our June Cottage Talk, scheduled for Thursday 15th June, has been cancelled. This is due to our mid-year public meeting being held on the same..Read more

Nature Journaling with Paula Peeters

Learn how to visually record progress on your bushcare site over years or just observe your favourite nature spot! Two exciting workshops ar..Read more

Perplexing Plovers!

We've all seen plovers sitting on nests situated plum in the middle of wide expanses of parklands, lawns or roadside verges! ... or flying ..Read more

Putting Back the Forest

We quite often receive enquiries from folk looking for the book “Putting Back the Forest: A Landcare Guide for Brookfield, Pullenvale and M..Read more

WEED ALERT - May 2017

Is it possible that YOU have seen Badhara Bush? This invasive weed, native to Asia,has recently been located on a private property in Bellbowr..Read more

Did you know ...

30% of the 660 Land for Wildlife properties in South East Queensland are in the Moggill Creek Catchment! And 40% of all eligible properties in Mog..Read more

How many bird species have been spotted in Deerhurst Park?

Conservation efforts are reaping great rewards in a small Brookfield park between Gap Creek Road and Brookfield Road. The tireless efforts of ..Read more

MCCG values the safety of its volunteers

Thanks to the generosity of the Red Cross, the MCCG now has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) installed at the Nursery. This will improve ..Read more


SUCH exciting news! Ed Fraser captured this photo of the Superb Fruit-Dove on 18th April. It was taken at Brookfield and is the first recorde..Read more

Blue in the face!

You may think you're familiar with these birds because you've seen them in your garden but how much do you really know about them? Jim Butler..Read more

A simple request for help

We are passing on a request from Brisbane City Council's Land for Wildlife officers. They are seeking help with a stocktake of Richmond birdwi..Read more

MCCG 2017 Action Plan now released

MCCG has a new Strategic Plan, together with an accompanying list of important actions. These actions are listed under each strategy, with the..Read more

Post Flood Rescue, Tuckett Park - thanks to working group volunteers

Congratulations are due to the willing volunteers who turned out to remove flood debris and recover the trees and shrubs along Creekside Street, T..Read more

A Letter from Gordon

Calling all "UPPER GOLD CREEKERS!" The first 2017 working bee for Section 9 will be held this Sunday 17 March We will meet at 8.30am at 6..Read more

Strategic Plan for 2017 - new goals and next steps

MCCG has a new strategic plan ..... In 2016 the Management Committee decided to undertake a planning exercise. Older plans reflected a tim..Read more


A new exotic weed has been assessed as a rapidly spreading threat to our ecosystems. Montanoa hibiscifolia known as Anzac Tree Daisy is a nati..Read more

A thing of beauty ....

is a joy forever ... as the saying goes! We invite you to read the latest edition of Jim Butler's "Feather Fascination" and to be struck by the v..Read more

A Myriad of Topics

In this month's Feather Fascination, Jim reflects on the past five years sharing his infinite love of birding through his column. But he also ..Read more

New Flight Arrivals

We are very excited to announce that four new birds were officially recorded in the Catchment in 2016! They include: Black-shouldered K..Read more

Cottage Talks 2017

Members! Place a cross on your 2017 calendars on the third Thursday of each month as a reminder to attend our Cottage Talks! A wide range of ..Read more

First working bees for 2017

We trust you've all had a wonderful break! Let's launch the new year with an assault on the many weeds that have proliferated due to our recent hu..Read more

Mannikins in Brisbane

Have you ever seen a Chestnut-breasted Mannikin? These beautiful chestnut brown finches can be seen in long grasses and lantana thicke..Read more

Weeds don't take holidays!

Everyone at the MCCG wishes our friends and supporters a safe and festive holiday season and a New Year that is ab..Read more

MCCG farewells a friend

The Moggill Creek Catchment Group has recently lost a founding member and one of our most staunch supporters. Emeritus professor Graeme Wi..Read more

Highlights of the 2016 Annual General Meeting

2016 marks the 19th year of the MCCG's operation. A very successful and well attended AGM (57 Attendees) was held on Monday 28th November. A compr..Read more

Avian Residential Planning - Building Birds Nests

Birds are remarkable builders and Jim Butler's latest edition of "Feather Fascination" gives us an insight into the complexities and science of ne..Read more


Saturday 26 November 2016 Unfortunately the Waterway Health Assessment Training (WHAT) Revision Day at the Yoorala Street Community Garden, T..Read more

Creek Health Monitoring Survey Sunday 27 November

The second Creek Health Monitoring Project (CHMP) event for 2016 is scheduled for Sunday 27 November. Find out more from the brochure here (ht..Read more


A CALL TO ACTION: Unfortunately Fire Ants have recently been found in Brookfield. Everyone can play a part in eradicating these dangerous and i..Read more


An infestation of the Creeping Burrhead water plant has recently been found and removed from the bed of Moggill Creek. This raises some concern th..Read more


TAKE A LOOK AT SOME PHOTOS FROM OUR PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION! The calibre of this year's entries was simply outstanding and all entrants are to..Read more

Love Life, Love Birds

November's issue of Feather Fascination is a beautifully written and romantic tribute to the precious Plains Wanderer. Click here (http://www...Read more

Why it Matters

The Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland is hosting a dinner with special guest Peter Garrett AM on Saturday 19 November. Please contac..Read more

A Word of Caution about Weed Removal

We are all worried about environmental weeds in the Moggill Creek Catchment and we are continually on the lookout for the best way to control them..Read more

Cats Claw Creeper Update

Our crusade to eradicate Cats Claw Creeper is as strong as ever. In partnership with SEQ Catchments, Brisbane City Council and officers of B..Read more

Applications for 2016-17 Environmental Grants

A key theme of Brisbane City Council's Vision 2031 is to build a clean, green city by sustaining our healthy rivers, waterways, natural areas, par..Read more

Our love affair with lawns

Everybody loves a wide sweeping lawn but our love affair with lawns has resulted in several bird species achieving significant dominance througho..Read more

NEWSFLASH - Beautiful Rainforest Walk in Upper Brookfield Sunday 2nd October

Rainforest Walk in Upper Brookfield - Everyone Welcome! Sunday, 2nd October 7am start. This walk is being led by Peter de Jong on his beautif..Read more

Changes to MCCG Newsletter

After a long and significant contribution to MCCG as newsletter editor and in many other ways, Graeme Wilson is handing over some of his activities. T..Read more

MCCG Green Army Launch

Spring has sprung and there was a decided spring in the step of Federal MP Jane Prentice along the banks of Moggill Creek as she declared the offi..Read more

A Plethora of Platypus

Fifty dedicated volunteers set their alarms VERY EARLY to take part in the annual MCCG Platypus Survey on Moggill Creek on 11 September. Check..Read more

Every Picture Tells a Story

KIDS DAY AT THE COTTAGE 2016 ... was a hands-on day filled with happiness and fun! These photos taken on the day show just how busy our clever..Read more

DON'T FORGET our next Cottage Talk !!!

Challenge of the Cane Toad Thursday 15 September, 10am at The Cottage. Professor Rob Capon leads a research group which is rolling out a..Read more


Those who registered for the Platypus Survey will be pleased to know that the survey WILL GO AHEAD on Sunday 11/09 !! despite the inclement weathe..Read more

MCCG & National Threatened Species Week

The week of 4-11 September was a time to reflect on the loss of so many of our animals, plants and ecosystems... but it’s not all bad news!..Read more

Go bush & meet an Oriole!

The latest issue of Feather Fascination reveals some interesting facts about the Olive-backed Oriole, a colourful bird which is commonly encounter..Read more

New Environmentally Focussed Apps

Two recently released apps will no doubt attract South East Queenslanders who have a passion for the environment. "Frogs of Australia" is..Read more

Breaking Bad Habitats

Habitat quality is critical to the richness and abundance of the bird community and indeed to sustaining our region's entire biodiversity. Cli..Read more

------ !!! NEWSFLASH !!! ------ Help Rescue Rowena!

SUNDAY 7 AUGUST! We are seeking volunteers for a new Buschcare group to restore Rowena Park. This lovely parkland is located alongside Moggill..Read more

New entity - Healthy Waterways and Catchments

A new era for the management of South East Queensland’s land and waterways has been formally announced with the official formation of Health..Read more

Yellow tailed visitors to Tuckett Park!

There have been several sightings of a Yellow-tailed black cockatoo family in Tuckett Park and nearby areas recently. Check out our Facebook p..Read more

Things that pierce the silence of the night

Have you ever heard a lonely, mournful wail breaking the silence of the night? Our July edition of "Feather Fascination" reveals the story of ..Read more

What lies beneath?

We've had some unwelcome guests (Tilapia) in the swimming hole near Creekside Street Kenmore Hills. Take a look at our Ferals Animal (http://..Read more

BREAKING NEWS: New bird sighting in Brookfield

On April 17th, a native bird which has never been seen in our Catchment was sighted at Adavale Street Brookfield! This wonderful occurrence is..Read more


KIDS' DAY AT THE COTTAGE - SUNDAY 12 JUNE! 10am-1pm. Join us at the Cottage on the Gold Creek Dam Reserve at the very end of Gold Creek Roa..Read more

Calling all strategic thinkers

(members and non members alike) The MCCG is undertaking a vital strategic planning process over the next few months to determine our priorities fo..Read more

Things that go BUMP in the night ... Seminar 20 April

The Brisbane Biodiversity Seminar series provides members of Land for Wildlife, Habitat Brisbane, Environment Centre and Creek Catchment groups an opp..Read more

Have your Say by 26 April - Weed & Pest Animal Management

The QLD State Government is inviting property owners and other affected parties to provide feedback on the future management of weed and pest anim..Read more

VOLUNTEER NOW! Help the Richmond Birdwing! Field work - April to early May

The Richmond Birdwing Conservation Network together with Wildlife Qld are currently recruiting volunteers to help with field data collection of Du..Read more

NEWSFLASH! REMINDER! Beautiful Birdlife in Brookfield - 17 March 10am

Visit the Cottage for a wonderful talk with Ed Frazer who will share with us his amazing photos of birds in the Brookfield area. Truly worth seein..Read more

Landcare for Singles Speed Planting - 19 March

It's not strictly speed dating but it sure has some parallells! Single Brisbanites are invited to this free event at St Lucia Esplanade Park st..Read more


REMINDER FOR MEMBERS !!! Recording Wildlife Sightings Talk at the Cottage 10 am Saturday 20th February 2016 Book your place: daleborgelt..Read more

2015 Annual General Meeting - 30th November 2015

The MCCG Annual General Meeting was held at the Brookfield Hall on Monday 30th November, with around 40 people in attendance. Our Chairman, Warre..Read more

MCCG Annual General Meeting 2015 Notice - Monday 30th November

The MCCG 2015 Annual General Meeting will be held at the Brookfield Hall, starting at 7:30pm on Monday 30th November. Come along to hear about A D..Read more

Cottage Talk Thurs 15th Oct 2015 - Why Record Wildlife Sightings

Thursday 15 October 10 am- 12 Talk at the Cottage: “Why record Wildlife Sightings” by Brent Smith. "A bird in a record is worth two in ..Read more

MCCG is looking for a Volunteer Website Coordinator

MCCG is looking for a volunteer website coordinator to join our team. So, if you enjoy working with computers, have an interest in local environme..Read more

2015 Platypus Survey - 11 Confirmed Sightings

On Sunday morning 6th Sept, 65 people braved the 4:30am start (fortunately not too cold this year!) to see if they could spot a platypus. A tota..Read more

Kids Day at the Cottage 2015 - Record Numbers!

The Annual MCCG Kids Day at the Cottage on Sunday 7th June 2015 was a great success, with attendance of over 400! Presenters were busy the who..Read more

Deerhurst Park Maintenance - A call for volunteers and a problem with vandalism

Are you one of the people using the trail through Deerhurst Park to walk or ride on? If so, you might be interested in helping to maintain the path, w..Read more

MCCG On Facebook!

MCCG has a new Facebook page! We invite you to view it… If you would like to use Facebook to follow the activities of MCCG and learn i..Read more

Wider publicity for Cats Claw Work

In a recent article in the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators Newsletter (Number 125, June 2015), Bryan Hacker introduces the Moggill Cre..Read more

Caring For Our Environment

Advice and help is at hand for removing invasive weeds and restoring habitat. The Moggill Creek Catchment Group's Landcare Adviser, Bryan Hacker, ..Read more

Submission to the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment is currently undertaking an enquiry into the administration and transparency of the..Read more

Rowena Street Park Restoration Project - Residents Meeting 14th June

A meeting for interested residents is planned for Sunday June 14th at 2pm, by the park bench opposite the bamboo. For more details of this import..Read more

Join the Search for Fire Ants

Although small, fire ants are one of the worst invasive species to hit Australia's shores. Biosecurity Queensland has been working hard to c..Read more

Talk on Fire Ants at the Cottage 19th March 2015 10am

Riki Fulton will talk about "Beyond The Edge" - a major campaign being run by the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program. Attendees will..Read more

Recent Sighting of an Vulnerable Species - Glossy Black Cockatoos

Two Glossy Black Cockatoos were sighted during a recent Land For Wildlife survey in Pacey Road, Upper Brookfield. Black Cockatoos are listed under Qu..Read more

Tuckett Park Flood Story

There were surprisingly few losses from flood damage in the Tuckett Park area, despite the fact that some of our plantings on the lower banks in t..Read more

Lord Mayors Australia Day Awards 2015

Congratulations are in order! MCCG was awarded a 2015 Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Green Heart Award – Organisation. ..Read more

Aquatic Weeds Identification Workshop

Dangerous aquatic weeds occur in our catchment. MCCG supported by Brisbane City Council have run a successful identification workshop with landholders..Read more

MCCG Annual General Meeting 2014

The Moggill Creek Catchment Group's Annual General Meeting was held at Brookfield Hall at the Brookfield Showgrounds at 7.30pm on Monday 24th Nove..Read more

Kids’ day at The Cottage 2013

On Sunday May 26th, perfect day weatherwise, the 2013 Kids’ day at the Cottage was again a most enjoyable day for all involved. Each ..Read more