Kenmore State High School Streamsavers Project

The Student Stream-Savers project was launched in 2009 in partnership with Kenmore State High School and led by MCCG member, Damien Egan. Aims include engagement of Kenmore State High School students in a range of environmental education activities and, ultimately, the restoration of the creek running through Kenmore State High.

As of November 2011, significant improvements in catchment health have been recorded in and around the area in which the students have worked. Specifically, native plant species now outnumber the weeds, the banks of the creek appear to be more stable because of the specific species planted, noticeable increase in insect predation on plants has attracted more native birds while an increase in the number of flowering plants has attracted parrots and other birds to the area. Click here to read a full report.

The project has been generously supported through grant funds from the Albert George and Nancy Caroline Youngman Trust, Brisbane City Council, and the Toyota Car company.

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