Smith's Scrub

Mrs Edith Smith and her son John of Upper Brookfield have taken another important step in conserving the natural ecosystems of the Moggill Creek Catchment. They have joined with the Brisbane City Council through the 2 Million Trees Program and the Wildlife Conservation Partnership Program to revegetate approximately 4 hectares of old farming land on their property with native tree and shrub species that would have occurred in the native communities prior to European clearing.Planting density is 5500 stems per hectare. The newly planted area and existing bushland will be protected under a Voluntary Conservation Agreement.

This very important contribution to improving Brisbane’s biodiversity will result in more land in the Moggill Creek Catchment being restored to functioning forest and improved ecological linkages with nearby bushland and riparian areas.

With this latest agreement, the Smiths now have approximately 17 hectares of their 28 hectare property dedicated to covenant agreements, 7.5 hectares of which are managed under a Native Refuge Covenant with the Queensland Government. A hoop pine plantation accounts for a further 3.9 hectares, and mango and avocado plantations account for 3.4 hectares.

In 2012, in partnership with the MCCG, and the Australian Government`s Caring for Country initiative, funding was made available to remove threatening vine weed infestations on the western boundary of Smith`s Scrub. These vines were damaging the canopy of mature trees and shrubs and reducing the recruitment of seedlings.

Contractors were employed to remove the vines from the canopy with excellent results.  The MCCG assists in yearly maintenance of this section of the rainforest.

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