Reference material

A number of reports and publications relating to the Moggill Creek catchment have been published since the formation of the MCCG, some of which are listed below. Several of these relate to projects funded by the Commonwealth NHT Fund or its replacements. There have been two strategic Plans/Business Plans that described in detail the objectives and strategies of the Group and identified the specific issues and challenges facing the catchment community.

There have been three University Honours Thesis reports from students supported by the MCCG and partly supervised by Group members. These were particularly useful in bringing together information about the catchment's land and water resources, and the conclusions of the research provided useful insights into specific matters, which have subsequently been used by the Group.

The most recent reports or publications have provided practical guidelines on managing the land and water resources, and horses in the Moggill Creek catchment and Pullen Pullen Catchments.

Putting Back the Forest

We often receive enquiries about the book: Putting Back the Forest: A Landcare Guide for Brookfield, Pullenvale and Moggill, published in 1994 under the auspices of Rural Environment Planning Association Inc.  It has been out of print for several years but is now available on the REPA website.

From our partners at the Cubberla-Witton Catchment Network

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Our website contains a wealth of information about our local Catchmen,t with links to expert organisation such as Brisbane City Council. It also hands-on info from our dedicated volunteers.
  • Refer to Wildlife for information about fauna within the catchment, including koalas, butterflies and platypus.
  • See our Plants page for a range of useful info about the diversity of flora, including natives, exotics and invasive plants, within the region.
  • Use our List of Birds within the Catchment online or on your mobile device to identify and learn about specific bird species.
  • And our Feather Fascination page provides a unique and extensive resource about the abundance of birdlife within our wonderful Catchment.

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