The MCC Bird Project 2012 – 2017

This 5 year project was launched in Spring 2012 and will raise the profile of birds in the Catchment. It includes educational and research activities, resources for people interested in the birdlife of the catchment and opportunities to contribute towards knowledge of the catchment birds. Read more

How to submit bird lists to the MCCG Bird Project 2012 -2017

The MCCG Bird Project 2012 - 2017 will be greatly enhanced by many members of the MCCG submitting lists, repeatedly throughout the five years, of every bird seen at a particular time and a particular site within the Catchment.  The greater the number of members involved and the more sites recorded, and the more repeated lists, the greater the enrichment of the Project. Repeated lists are necessary for measuring change in bird species richness. There are two main ways of submitting bird lists .....  Read more 

How to Submit Birdlists 2017 How to Submit Birdlists 2017 (87 KB)

MCC Classified Current Bird List 2017 MCC Classified Current Bird List 2017 (302 KB)

Historical list of birds within the Moggill Creek Catchment 1909-2016


The bird species living within the Moggill Creek Catchment have been recorded for more than one hundred years. The earliest specific record is dated 1909. This bird list and other lists from the Catchment stretching across the years from 1900 to 2016, are held by Birdlife Australia ..... Read more 

Aim of deriving an historical bird list for the Moggill Creek Catchment

The first aim of this exercise is to derive a list of birds that would be expected to be found in the Moggill Creek Catchment over a five year cycle. This five year cycle is chosen to include the large climate patterns associated with El Nino and La Nina which occur on a 3 to 7 year cycle. The second aim is to determine which bird species have become extinct in the Catchment as a result of increased urbanisation over the last fifty years .... Read more    

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