Dung Beetle Survey 2010-2011

Dr Geoff Monteith (Queensland Museum) and Ms Tania Kenyon (University of Queensland) were engaged to carry out a survey of both native and introduced dung beetles in the Moggill Creek Catchment during the summer of 2010/2011. The principal objectives were to:

  • establish which species occurred in the area;
  • what the distributions of the individual species were within the catchment; and,
  • to find out a little of the biology of the different species, especially as regards dung feeding preferences and vegetation associations of the various species.

The project was carried out as a community participation exercise. Survey trapping was carried out partly by a group of eleven MCCG members living in the catchment, who trapped largely on their own properties, and partly by Dr Monteith and Ms Kenyon, who trapped largely on public reserves.

A representative sample of the beetles collected is on display at The Cottage.

The full survey report is available here

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